The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly changing everything around us and the way business makes decisions and is run. Every IoT opportunity needs to be customized to each customer because there isn’t a one size fits all model.

It’s also widely accepted that a single company cannot provide everything you need for a total solution.  This is why we have done the team building for you – saving you the time, resources, selection process and money it will take to find a group that works well together.

We can offer a one stop IoT facility providing everything from sensor design, networking, security, analytics, compute at the edge, dashboard management, data storage, and a POC lab on-site. As an authorized HPE Channel Partner, we can provide the infrastructure your IoT project will require.  We also have teamed up with Logisync for the embedded sensor design and M2M communication as well as Avantia, Inc. for the custom application development.  Together, we provide you with a total solution – from one location.

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