Hyper Converged HC380


HPE Hyper Converged 380

HPE Hyper Converged 380

The HPE Hyper Converged 380 delivers a turn-key virtualization solution for medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and IaaS providers. Designed from the ground up for the software-defined data center, the HC 380 enables a standardized approach to virtual server deployment, available in three workload configurations: General Virtualization, CloudSystem and a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). VDI is offered as a reference architecture. Unlike many hyper converged systems, the HC 380 can be customized at the time of order and will be ready for virtualized workloads in a few simple clicks.

PDF File HPE Hyper Converged 380 Quickspecs

Parts List:

Basic Parts

Pre-Configured HC 380 Solutions (Haswell CPU’s)
Q0D50A 3 Node VDI Sm, 2650v3-10C, 256Gb, 10Gb Ntwk, (2)4.9Tb. (2) 500W
Q0D51A 3 Node VDI Med, 2690v3-12C, 512Gb/node, 10Gb Ntwk, (2)4.9Tb,NVIDIA k1,(2) 1400W
Q0D47A 2 Node Virtualization Small,2620v3-6C, 128Gb/node, 1Gb Ntwk, (1)3.8Tb, (2) 500W
Q0D48A 3 Node Virtualization Med, 2640v3-8C, 256Gb/node, 10Gb Ntwk, (2)3.48Tb, (2) 800W
Q0D49A 4 Node Virtualization Full, 2680v3-12C, 384Gb/mode, 10Gb Ntwk, (3)3.84Tb, (2) 800W
Q0D52A 4 Node Cloud Small, 2680v3-12C, 256Gb/node, 10Gb Ntwk, (2)4.9Tb, 1yr Helion, (2)800W
Base Configuration
P9D74A HPE HC 380 Cluster Appliance (Node)
P9D74A#001 HPE HC 380 General Virtualization Software
P9D74A#002 HPE HC 380 VDI Software
P9D74A#003 HPE HC 380 Cloud Software

Base Configurations require custom configuration – We can assist with this process

Expansion Node
P9D74A HPE HC 380 Cluster Appliance (Node)
P9D74A#101 HPE HC 380 General Virtualization Node Expansion
P9D74A#102 HPE HC 380 VDI Node Expansion
P9D74A#103 HPE HC 380 Cloud Node Expansion